“Think what you think about me. Hate me or like me, just don’t misunderstand me.”

— Joaquin Phoenix, I’m Still Here (2010)


Bryant Jamal Golden (born November 16, 1993) is an American artist, writer, filmmaker, producer, and publisher. He won a Bronze Medal in Dan Poynter’s 2016 Global Ebook Awards for Blue Moon Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy.

Early life

Golden was born in Los Angeles, California. He attended the Immaculate Heart of Mary School for four years, until transferring to public school in 2003. Golden then transferred from school to school in Los Angeles County until he was eventually homeschooled in Menifee, California, for six months. Golden dropped out of high school in 2011 and returned to Los Angeles to earn his Certificate of High School Equivalency. Golden has written about being bullied and feeling disconnected from his peers.

After attending a semester of college, Golden dropped out and spent five months writing what would eventually become Blue Moon Chronicles, Book I. Golden had no intentions of publishing the story or being acknowledged as a writer, but he changed his mind when he realized he had written a story that he enjoyed reading.


Golden’s first novel, Blue Moon Chronicles, Book I, self-published in 2013, is an action and adventure story for young adults, inspired by his childhood imagination. Only months after his debut novel, he self-published the strange novella, Who-Knows-Where, to celebrate his decision to pursue writing as a career. The publishing rights of both titles were given to The Cavern Press in 2014, which rereleased both titles and gave Blue Moon Chronicles, Book I a subtitle: The Continent War. The sequel to The Continent War, Blue Moon Chronicles, Book II: The Blue Moon Mercenaries, was released by The Cavern Press later in 2014.

In 2015, The Cavern Press announced that the final Blue Moon Chronicles book would be released in November, but Golden lost most of the original manuscript when his computer’s hard drive crashed, which delayed the release indefinitely until Blue Moon Chronicles, Book III: The Way the World Ends was released in March 2016. Later that year, The Cavern Press released Blue Moon Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy and it won the Bronze Medal for Fantasy/Other World Fiction in Dan Poynter’s 2016 Global Ebook Awards.

Shortly after finishing his work on Blue Moon Chronicles, Golden announced his next novel’s title, Ghosts: The Life and Death of Bryant Golden, stating that it would be a departure from his previous work. Though originally teased with a November 7, 2017, release date, Golden has since said that, “I really shouldn’t have put such a specific date on the teaser. Ghosts will be done when it’s done.” Later, Golden wrote on Twitter that the next time he would speak of Ghosts, the story would be ready to publish and it would have a new title.

In 2018, Golden revisited Who-Knows-Where and The Cavern Press released the title as a novel on the five-year anniversary of the original novella’s publication.

Although his novels have earned mostly positive reception, Golden has discussed that his mentality as a writer is that his best work is always ahead of him, and that his next project will naturally be better than his previous.


In 2019, Golden wrote, produced, and directed his first short film. Mourning Glory was filmed on location in Los Angeles, CA. Principle photography began on September 16, 2019. Principal photography wrapped on September 19, 2019. The final scene in the screenplay was filmed but immediately deleted by a security guard because Golden was on private property. Golden’s plan, since his short film was cut even shorter, became to use what he had to try to secure a modest budget from producers, and remake Mourning Glory with the same cast but an actual crew. “I definitely fell in love with directing,” he has since said, “but being in charge of everything about the production was stressful.”

Other projects

The Cavern Press

The Cavern Press is a fiction publishing house founded by Golden in Los Angeles, California, in 2014.

After the self-publishing process for Blue Moon Chronicles, Book I and the original Who-Knows-Where novella, Golden founded The Cavern Press so that he could enjoy the publication process even if he stops publishing his own stories.

Progression of a Mad Writer

Progression of a Mad Writer is a documentary series Golden started in 2018. Golden uploaded new episodes from January to August of that year. The series concluded with a final episode celebrating the release of the Who-Knows-Where novel in June 2019, almost a year since the last upload. The series is available in its entirety on Golden’s YouTube channel.

All-American Heartthrob

All-American Heartthrob (stylized in lowercase) is a period of time, started in 2019.

Personal life

Golden lives in Los Angeles, California, and is engaged to the artist Melanie Rae. Golden has dealt with depression and insomnia since he was a child. He is also a humanist.


Blue period: 2013—2018


Short Stories

  • Distress Signal from Tower Red (2018)

  • The Hanging Gardens (2018)

  • Caves (2018)

  • Why a Firefly Glows (2018)

  • The Misery Loop (2018)

  • The Marionette (2018)

  • House of Wolves (2018)

  • Birds (2018)

  • The Maiden Voyage of Halcyon (2018)

  • The Last Good Knight (2018)

  • 1902: Zephyr - A Blue Moon Chronicles Story (2018)

  • 1908: The Bounty - A Blue Moon Chronicles Story (2018)

  • Skunk and Mary (2018)

  • Lazarus Green’s Night Out (2018)

Rose period: 2019—present


  • TBA (TBD)

Short Films

  • Mourning Glory (2019) (Director, Producer, and Writer)

Video Games

  • TBA (TBD) (Director, Designer, Developer, Producer, and Writer)

  • TBA (TBD) (Director, Designer, Developer, Producer, and Writer)

  • TBA (TBD) Director, Designer, Developer, Producer, and Writer)